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Paracord beads for sale «Bearded Viking Skull»
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Cool paracord beads for sale «Bearded Viking Skull»

Premium paracord beads «Bearded Viking Skull» of brass for EDC lanyard or survival bracelet, zipper pulls, backpack, keychain

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550 paracord beads «Bearded Viking Skull»

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Cool paracord beads «Bearded Viking Skull» for sale on Amazon

Paracord beads for sale «Bearded Viking Skull»

Paracord bead «Bearded Viking Skull» - the new cool accessory of blacking brass by «Paracord&Bead» for decorating knotting products from 550 paracord, such as:

  • knife lanyard
  • survival bracelet
  • keychain
  • zipper pull
  • pendant

This bead has a weight of 0.4 ounces, the average size of a skull with decorative elements in the Vikings-style, and a long beard, fastened together of the rings, thereby creating an excellent image of a bearded Skull of a Viking.

The presented bead is ideal as an accessory for decorating a pocket knife or an accessory for decorating for a paracord bracelet, key chains.

Paracord lanyard bead «Bearded Viking Skull» on knife Spyderco Paramilitary 2 style=

As you can see from the photo, this is a really cool lanyard beads for 550 paracord.

The main feature of the bead «Bearded Viking Skull» is the use of decorative elements inherent in the Viking culture, which are often used in tattoos, which we to recreated on the skull surface of this bead, making it a stylish and fashionable product, like all our other accessories beads.

Bead «Bearded Viking Skull» is cast from high-quality Italian brass with blackened, and is completely safe for hand skin contact.

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  • weight: 0,40 oz (12 gr)
  • length - 0.74 inch (19 millimeters)
  • width - 0.51 inch (13 millimeters)
  • height - 1.1 inch (20 millimeters)
  • holes: 1
  • hole diameter: 0.27 inch (7 millimeters)
  • material: brass with blacking
  • shape: skull

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Cool paracord beads for sale «Bearded Viking Skull» of brass on Amazon

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