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Cool paracord beads for sale «Decorative Skull»

Cool paracord beads for sale «Decorative Skull» add some flair to any lanyard, bracelet or keychain

Attention all paracord enthusiasts, who want to add some flair to their EDC bracelets, lanyards or keychains!

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Paracord beads «Decorative Skull» of brass for EDC lanyard or survival bracelet, zipper pulls, backpack, keychain

Premium paracord beads «Decorative Skull» of brass for EDC lanyard or survival bracelet, zipper pulls, backpack, keychain

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If You do not like our «Decorative Skull», we 100% will refund your money!
So, do you want to decorate a bracelet, a knife lanyard or keychain of 550 paracord,
and you need a cool bead



We have great news - we are creating very hight quality paracord beads for sale on Amazon.

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We present for you premium paracord beads «Decorative Skull» of brass

Premium paracord beads «Decorative Skull» of brass for sale on Amazon

You can buy now a cool paracord bead «Decorative Skull» of brass and get it in 2-3 days if you live in the USA using a free Amazon courier delivery, or order delivery of this bead or any other beads to your country, like some of our buyers from Europe, Asia, Japan.

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Product description

Paracord bead «Decorative Skull» - the brass accessory for decorating knotting products from 550 paracord, such as:

  • knife lanyard
  • survival bracelet
  • keychain
  • zipper pull
  • pendant

This bead is large in weight and size, therefore, it is ideally suited to most knives lanyards, bracelets, key chains, and even an ax, as evidenced by customer reviews on Amazon.

The main feature of cool bead «Decorative Skull» 
is in a high degree of detail because under the light it just glistens with all that decorative work.


  • weight: 0,53 oz (15 gr)
  • length - 0.98 inch (25 millimeters)
  • width - 0.59 inch (15 millimeters) 
  • hight - 0.78 inch (20 millimeters)
  • holes: 2 
  • hole diameter: 0.15 inch (5.5 millimeters)
  • material: brass with blacking
  • shape: skull

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