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Paracord beads for sale «Jeepers Creepers»
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Cool paracord beads for sale «Jeepers Creepers»

Premium paracord beads «Jeepers Creepers» of brass for EDC lanyard or survival bracelet, zipper pulls, backpack, keychain

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550 paracord beads «Jeepers Creepers»

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Cool paracord beads «Jeepers Creepers» for sale on Amazon

Paracord beads for sale «Jeepers Creepers»

Do you want to decorate the paracord lanyard of your knife with a rare bead «Jeepers Creepers», as did my friend from Japan Jun Endo, who decorated Damascus blade knife this mystical character?

Jun is a great admirer of the horrible creation of Victor Salva, which terrifies all movie characters who had to meet him on the screen.

That being said, Jun loves knives and paracord.

That's why Jun Endo bought our bead «Jeepers Creepers» on Amazon to decorate his excellent knife with a Damascus steel blade.

Due to the fact that Amazon courier delivery of this bead exists to Japan for about $8, the whole purchase price $56.

After 14 days, Jun received his purchase in Japan from the United States, and after a while he attached a paracord lanyard with a bead to his folding knife.

The result is a great option for decorating a knife lanyard, a photo of which you can see in the footer of this web page in the customer reviews section with a clickable link to Jun Endo's Amazon review.

And this is how my knife «Spyderco» Paramilitary 2 looks like with a 550 paracord lanyard and a bead «Jeepers Creepers».

Paracord lanyard bead «Jeepers Creepers» on knife Spyderco Paramilitary 2 style=

So, the paracord bead «Jeepers Creepers» - is a really cool product by «Paracord&Bead», which can be used as an a accessory for lanyard or as an accessory for a paracord bracelet, etc., specifically:

  • knife lanyard
  • survival bracelet
  • keychain
  • zipper pull
  • pendant

This bead is an excellent piece of jewelry to recreate the image of the mystical character of the fear demon from the movie trilogy Jeepers Creepers with an elaboration of detailing the smallest elements of the face this mysterious character.

A bead in the shape of a head Jeepers Creepers will be an excellent talisman for each fan of this character on the lanyard of a folding knife, similar to how it happened with a buyer from Japan who published his lanyard knife decorated with bead «Jeepers Creepers».

The bead «Jeepers Creepers» is cast from high-quality Italian brass in a unique author's design, like all our other beads.

So, do you like the cool bead «Jeepers Creepers»?

If you now want to buy a paracord bead «Jeepers Creepers», then you can easily and simply place its order and delivery in our store on Amazon.

Hurry up!

After all, our paracord accessories (beads and buckles) are very popular among lovers of paracord knotting products, which is why there is a great demand for our beads.

Due to the high demand for our beads, and the limited amount of manufacturing, the goods may not be enough, and then you will have to wait for the production and delivery of a new batch of beads to our Amazon warehouse (FBA).

Therefore, place an order now, if it is available in the FBA so that you receive it in 2-3 days to your address in the USA.

To buy a paracord bead «Jeepers Creepers», click on this button for go to the product listing on Amazon.

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Video review about paracord bead «Jeepers Creepers»


  • weight: 0,46 oz (13 gr)
  • length - 0.91 inch (23 millimeters)
  • width - 0.53 inch (14 millimeters)
  • height - 0.63 inch (16 millimeters)
  • holes: 2
  • hole diameter: 0.17 inch (4.5 millimeters)
  • material: brass with blacking
  • shape: Jeepers Creepers

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7 reasons to buy our paracord bead:

  • here you will buy unique beads with the author's design
  • here you will buy 100% handmade products with high-quality workmanship
  • we have the best prices on all beads
  • we have a 100% safe purchase of products through Amazon
  • we have fast and timely delivery of purchases by the Amazon delivery service in 50 states of the USA
  • you can buy beads from 250 countries with delivery to your home address
  • we have a 100% refund within 14 days if you want to return the products, with Amazon guarantee

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Customer reviews about bead «Jeepers Creepers»

Reviews from satisfied customers who bought these beads

Brandon`s review about paracord accessory Decorative Skull

Love it!

Another great piece from Paracord Bead. Excellent quality as always and will be a great addition to your paracord project

Review about paracord bead Jeepers Creepers by Brandon on Amazon


Jun`s review about paracord bead Giger Skull


I love this. This manufacturer is the only one in the world to make ”Jeepers Creepers“ bead. Awesome combination with Damascus blade.

Review about paracord bead Jeepers Creepers by Jun Endo on Amazon

Jun Endo

Romeo`s review about paracord accessory

Love this bead

For 20-30 maybe even 40$ this is a great bead and wonderful quality. It really resembles the character and is great quality and detail however you want to wait until it is on sale, because for what it is you can only pay so much and 50-60$ is in my opinion too much to spend on a brass or copper bead no matter how good the quality.

Review about paracord bead Jeepers Creepers by Janelle on Amazon

Janelle S.

Cool paracord beads for sale «Jeepers Creepers» of brass on Amazon

Pay today for a bead, and in 2-3 days Amazon will deliver it to your home!

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