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Paracord lanyard accessories

Meet branded paracord lanyard accessories for your knife by «Paracord&Bead»

Upgrade your knife using our paracord lanyard accessories that we sell on US Amazon

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Would you like to receive one or several of our paracord accessories, presented below, to decorate the lanyard of your knife, as it was done before by more than 500 customers who bought our beads on Amazon?

Paracord accessories lanyards beads for sale on USA Amazon

We have on Amazon the perfect paracord accessories, completely handmade, with excellent jewelry processing and author's design of the characters with a brand logo Brand logo «Paracord&Bead» «Paracord&Bead», cast from special Italian brass for bijouterie, does not contain harmful impurities for health and has a long-lasting gloss.

Special Italian brass for cast bijouterie - paracord accessories beads and buckles

To make the beads expressive, we put them in a special solution for black wash, and then we polish the beads to the finished products.

As a result, we get such wonderful beads, which perfectly decorate the paracord lanyards of any knife - whether it be a folding knife for daily wear, such as «Spyderco Para-Military 2», «Kershaw Cryo II», «Zero Tolerance 0456bw by Dmitry Sinkevich design», «Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21» or Bowie knife, etc.

Paracord lanyard accessories for edc knife

If you are one of those who loves knives, and every day wears a folding knife in a pocket of clothes or on clips, it will be useful to attach to the knife a lanyard from a parachute cord (550 paracord) with a metal bead at the end of a lanyard, as shown pictured above.

What for?

We explain.

Many fans of knives don`t attach a lanyard to a knife or do not attach a metal bead to a lanyard, and as a result, cannot quickly take the knife out of a pocket.

Some people use a diamond knot, nuts, cartridge cases, and other improvised things instead of a metal bead at the end of a knife's lanyard to save 20-50 $.

As a result, they can easily tear the palm or fingers of a hand with the sharp edges of such a lanyard while pulling a knife.

To avoid all sorts of hand injuries, you need to use beads with a spherical shape.

Thanks to this shape, the effort from contact with it will not be painful, even if you use the bead as a knuckle.

We took care to minimize injuries when using a metal bead on a lanyard, and we make our products in the shape of a sphere at the point of contact of the bead with fingers during the capture of the lanyard with the long and middle finger.

What do you think: can you use a safe, comfortable and beautiful bead with an author's design with a brand logo on the lanyard of your knife for only 20-50 dollars?

If your answer is - "Yes", then scroll down this page and choose a product that you like.

To buy the like bead, click on the button "Buy", and then you can place an order for this product on Amazon.

Paracord lanyard accessories amazon delivery

In 2-3 days after payment of the purchase, Amazon will deliver the shipment to your address. and you will be able to attach the bead to the lanyard.

What is a paracord lanyard accessories used for
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Ask for more of your knife with our accessories

Best paracord lanyard accessories for your knife

Amazing great accessories with more detailing, that looks good as a lanyard of Bowie knife or folding knife and if a little pricey, but worth it what your knife has become unique.
Exceptional quality and detailing of this accessory will decorate the paracord lanyard of your favorite knife, 100% emphasizing your masculine style on every day.
This wonderful accessory in the form of a skull is created for all fans of the artist Giger, who created the style of the Alien, with beautifully detailed and ready to spice up any lanyard.
A great decoration creating a mystery around, for a 550 paracord lanyard of your favorite knife in the form of a detailed fear demon head from a movie «Jeepers Creepers».
Coolest knife lanyard accessory «Orc head» for 550 paracord with the best craftsmanship and unique amazing detail, good size, solid feel for all fans play World of Warcraft. 
An awesome paracord accessory «Transformer Optimus Prime» with excellent detail and unique design, for all "Transformers" fans who want to spend money better.
Unique limited edition paracord lanyard accessories «Terminator» of .925 sterling silver for real collectors that will never be produced under the brand «Paracord&Bead»
Perfect accessories for 550 paracord lanyard "Terminator" to folding knives of type "Spyderco", "Zero Tolerance", "Chris Reeve", "Ontario Rat", "Kershaw", "Shirogorov", etc.
The only excellent accessory covered with a layer of 2 microns gold .999 in the form of a Terminator T-800 for true collectors, who want to get a unique item in their EDC collection.
Unique limited series paracord accessories "Terminator" coated with a 4 microns layer of chromium for use in the marine or aggressive environment for a knife lanyard.
Unique limited series paracord accessories "Terminator" T-800 plated with a 4 microns layer of nickel for use in wet and corrosive environments for a knife lanyard of 550 paracord.

Why accessories by «Paracord&Bead»

  • 100% hand made
  • outstanding making quality
  • beautiful author's design 
  • branded product 
  • the best prices 
  • designed to fit your EDC-style
  • made to stand out

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